Customer Testimonials

“This is a nice recycling center. I like the way you pull up and park, and they bring you some wheeled carts to put your recyclables in. I brought in a couple of large bags of 16 oz bottles and a bunch of larger bottles.  The employees quickly took the bottles off my hands, weighed them, and handed me a paper with the total weights of my items. After handed it to the nice lady behind the counter, I signed and was handed my money. It all went smoothly.”

-Jack M.


“We’ve been going to this recycling center for some time now since we moved into the area. It’s always a win-win situation when you recycle, but you win more when you come here because their rates are higher than anywhere else I’ve checked. Their hours are reasonable and the customer service is great!  I think you can take just about anything to this place to have recycled, I always see appliances and TVs getting wheeled in when I’m recycling. The sign even says they take brass and cooper. The staff is always friendly and very helpful.  I have never had a problem finding parking.  Wouldn’t go any place else and you shouldn’t either.”

-Anita K.


“Fast, efficient help & never a line!”

-Susan N.


“Greg and the gang here are great.”

-Robert T.

San Diego County RecyclingTestimonials

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